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Bakersfield Warehouse & Mixing

Our Bakersfield warehouse and liquid mixing facilities are located on 3.25 acres adjacent to our main office building in Bakersfield WarehouseBakersfield, California.

The warehouse consists of a steel frame, a metal-enclosed building encompassing 30,000 square feet for the storage of drilling fluid materials. Truck loading bays allow access from the yard for loading and unloading both flatbed and van trailers. We maintain a rail spur 420′ long within reach of warehouse bay doors across from the truck yard.

Equipment Fabrication

An area in the warehouse is set aside for the fabrication of specialized mud equipment, including premix tanks and process pump skids. Various welders and machine tools are located in this area. Maintenance, repair, and upgrading of the mixing facility is facilitated by having this work area.

Rail Access

Rail access provides large scale delivery of both sack material and bulk as well as LVT-200 base oil for oil-based mud. Permanent lines allow direct unloading of both bulk powder material (Barite and Gel) as well as base oil.

Mixing Facility

The liquid mixing facility consists of two 250 barrel mixing pits manifolded to 7500 barrels of liquid storage tanks. In addition, there are several portable mixing and storage pits with agitation.

The mixing facility is immediately adjacent to and manifolded with bulk Barite storage silos and LVT-200 mineral oil rail cars. The Barite storage area contains silos with a combined capacity of 34,000 sack. Pneumatic bulk compressors and lines allow simultaneous loading and offloading of trucks and railcars while mixing mud. Up to 4000 barrels of base oil can be maintained on the GEO Drilling Fluids, Inc. railroad spur.