Polytek+ third-generation high-performance water-based drilling fluid system ‘that provides a unique blend of additives whose synergy results in mud that approximates the good characteristics of oil mud and is environmentally friendly’.

Industrial Minerals Company (IMCO)

IMCO provides milling and blending services across many industries. As a division of GEO Drilling Fluids, IMCO has long provided a steady supply of barite in an unpredictable market. By controlling its supply of barite GEO can guarantee a consistent supply of this key drilling fluid component. IMCO can also provide barite in various packaging sizes (paper bags (50-100 lbs), super sacks (1000-3000 lbs), and pneumatic bulk) meeting the needs of any customer, quickly adapting to the advancing drilling systems being used.

By blending specialized mud systems and lost circulation materials (LCM) IMCO provides GEO with full control over the production of specialized material, allowing for changes as new conditions are encountered. IMCO allows research done at GEO’s laboratory to be quickly turned into full-scale trials providing our latest advances to our customers immediately.

Industrial Minerals Company Outside the Patch

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Much more information about the products and services provided by IMCO can be found on their website. We encourage you to visit us at Industrial Minerals (IMCO) Website by clicking here.