GEO has serviced the drilling fluids industry for over 50 years.

Laboratory Facilities

Our main laboratory is located at corporate headquarters in Bakersfield, California. GEO Drilling Fluids, Inc. constructed this facility for the purpose of ensuring quality control, expanding research and development, and providing laboratory backup for our drilling fluids engineers and customers.

The Mud Lab is a ‘built to purpose’ facility enjoying the full support of the administration. Not only does the Mud Lab facilitate pilot testing and R&D by the technical team; it is ideally suited to support GEO’s in-house mud school. 

Technical Training

  • Basic Mud School: core curriculum for newly hired engineers.
  • Principles of Drilling Fluids: fundamentals of drilling fluids, products, and systems for customers.
  • Advanced Mud School: courses covering specific drilling fluids topics such as: drilling fluid chemistry,
    • SBM/OBM fluids, high-performance water-based muds, completion fluids, and near-wellbore remediation, lost circulation, and remediation.
    • Courses customized for customer-specific requirements

Testing Equipment

  • FANN 75 Viscometer: fully automatic control for pressure, temperature and motor speed. Measures rheology to a maximum of 20,000psi and 500 degrees. 
  • Malvern Micro-sizer: laser size analyzer for solids particle size analysis.
  • Extreme Pressure Lubricity Meter: high-quality instrument used to measure the lubricating quality of drilling fluids. 
  • Dynamic HTHP Filter Press: measures filtration volume and cake building properties under varying downhole conditions. 
  • OFFITE Linear Swell Meter: a highly effective method of examining the interaction between water-based fluids and mineral samples containing reactive clays under simulated conditions while the fluid is in motion. 

Engineering Software

  • ERA Software: extended reach modeling software.
  • BRIDGEWISE: software for proper bridging material selection and concentration. WBS (Wellbore Strengthening) and Lost Circulation