“With GEO Drilling Fluids, Inc. the customer gets the best of both worlds – quick response, personal attention and the service-oriented focus of a smaller company as well as the advanced technology, and laboratory support of larger corporations”.

JIM CLIFFORD - President of GEO Drilling Fluids

Mid-Continent Region

GEO was one of the first mud companies to commit to servicing the booming Bakken play in 2002. The current management staff has been located and managed the Bakken Region since GEO’s initial move to the area. GEO owns and maintains 3.25 acres of a warehouse, mixing facilities, satellite laboratory, and rail space in Belfield, ND. This facility strategically positions itself and commits GEO to the Bakken play long term.

Sales Office:
Denver, CO

Sales Office:
Sidney, MT

Warehouse/Mixing Facility Location:
Belfield, ND
Ross, ND

Services Provided

  • 24 Hour Warehouse and Mixing Facility (Belfield, ND)
  • Satellite Laboratory Facility (Belfield, ND)
  • WBS Systems
  • Non-aqueous Systems
  • Completion and Abandonment Fluids
  • Brines
  • Lubricants
  • Corrosion Control
  • Engineering
  • KPI
  • Technical Assistance
  • Transportation: GEO keeps all trucking “in house”. Creates an Accountability/Ownership for on-time “SAFE”

Technical Achievements

  • Provided services on first “three-mile” Bakken laterals.
  • Assisted in developing drilling fluids plan on multiple record Bakken and Three Forks wells.

For more info on this location contact: Mid-continent@geodf.com