GEO Drilling Fluids strives to be

“Utilized Where Performance Counts”

Company History

GEO Drilling Fluids, Inc. began business as “Western Mud” in 1968. During the next ten years it grew to be the dominant independent mud company in California. During the late 1970’s a NYSE traded company known as Peabody International began purchasing various oil field service companies. This included the purchase of Calada Materials a California drilling fluid company since 1950 and later the purchase of Western Mud. In 1981 Peabody spun off its oilfield service companies. These companies were grouped under a holding company that was listed on the NYSE as GEO International, Inc. As the market softened in the late 1980s, many of the divisions were sold off and GEO International entered Chapter 11 proceedings in 1992 with GEO Western Drilling Fluids as the only survivor.

In 1996, the management of GEO Drilling Fluids completed a purchase of the Division from GEO International and set up GEO Drilling Fluids as a wholly-owned private entity. Most of the original owners and many of the original engineers and staff are still a part of the company.


GEO Drilling Fluids Vision is to leverage its regional commitment to quality experienced personnel into sustainable growth and profitability. GEO Drilling Fluids strongly believes that every business organization’s strongest asset is its people. GEO Drilling Fluids strongly believes that its continued existence is defined by the relationship with these people and for these people.


Above all else, GEO Drilling Fluids pledges to be honorable and ethical in all matters relating to its customers and employees. GEO Drilling Fluids believes that its business is always furthered by treating its customers and employees in a manner that benefits the “Golden Rule”.


GEO Drilling Fluids Mission is to provide the most cost-effective source for drilling fluids and engineering applications in each of its operating areas. GEO Drilling Fluids strives to be “Utilized Where Performance Counts.”