GEO Drilling Fluids strives to be “Utilized Where Performance Counts.”

GEO Geothermal Proprietary Products

GEO Drilling Fluid’s research and development team has developed multiple proprietary high temp products for use in extreme environments that is common for Geothermal projects.

  • ThermaPol is used to control the rheological properties of water-base drilling fluids. ThermaPol also aids in preventing high-temperature mud gelation.
  • ThermaTemp: very effective as a filtrate reducer and rheology stabilizer for a wide range of water-base drilling fluids. Tested and proven stable at bottom hole temperatures of 500°F.
  • MIL-TEMP: is a patented, low-molecular weight copolymer additive that effectively stabilizes the rheological and filtration properties of water-based drilling fluids at elevated temperatures. The MIL-TEMP deflocculants performance is enhanced by the unusually high temperatures encountered when drilling deep wells, and has been used successfully at bottom hole temperatures in excess of 500°F.
  • KlaPro HT: a high-performance fluid version of KlaPro is engineered to maintain rheology and consistent density in extreme temperature and pressure environments. This system is utilized in a harsh environment, Geothermal wells and area where long term exposure to steam injection is prevalent.