GEO has serviced the drilling fluids industry for over 50 years.

Woodland Warehouse & Mixing

GEO Drilling Fluids, Inc. has been a major presence in the Sacramento Valley of California since 1968. Most of the current Woodland Warehouse operators and all of the engineering firms have utilized our engineering and products on numerous wells. Staffing in our Woodland facility includes nine full-time mud engineers in addition to a full-time manager, all of whom live in the area. Our engineering staff has over 65 years of combined experience checking mud in the northern California area.

Our Woodland warehouse and liquid mixing facilities are located on BJ Way near I-5. The warehouse consists of a steel frame, metal-enclosed building for the storage of drilling fluid materials. Ground-level forklift access is provided from the yard for loading and unloading flatbed trailers. Woodland Tractor TrailersGel and Barite are delivered in truckload quantities on a regular basis. A large supply of mud chemicals is maintained, with shipments from the Bakersfield warehouse on an as-needed basis.

The liquid mixing facility consists of a 300 barrel mixing pit with agitators and gun lines are located adjacent to the warehouse. Saltwater, polymer and weighted mud mixes are prepared here. GEO Drilling Fluids, Inc. has full-time drivers and operates its own transportation fleet consisting of two tractors, one bulk carrier, and numerous other trailers. Our facility is the largest drilling fluids warehouse in Northern California.

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