GEO Drilling Fluids strives to be “Utilized Where Performance Counts.”

GEO Permian

  • Regional Office – Odessa, TX
  • Regional Lab Facility
  • Engineering Software
    • ERA Software: extended reach modeling software
    • Bridgewise: software for proper bridging material selection and concentration.

Mixing/Warehousing Facility

  • OBM, WBM, Drill-in-Fluids, Workover/Completion Fluids
  • 500bbl per 2-2.5-hour mixing capabilities
  • 1,500-ton bulk Barite maintained daily
  • 800-1,000bbl saturated Calcium Chloride inventory on hand
  • 2,500bbl permanent storage capacity
  • 2,000 bbl. Temporary storage capacity
  • 24-hour service
  • Internal trucking- accountability/ownership for
    on-time SAFE delivery