GEO Clay Series

GEO Drilling Fluids has been developed over 35 years of experience in different varieties of clays throughout GEO’s operating areas. GEODF has developed three different bases ‘freshwater systems’ to be a part of the Clay Series. The Clay Series by GEODF has been proven on (+/-) 15,000 wells as a cost-effective solution for numerous operators.


Is GEO’s “gel-water” mud system(s) design for both “non-dispersed” and “dispersed” applications. KlaPro uses highly refined API commercial bentonite for upper-end rheology and basic filtrate control. The system uses a variety of other polymeric additives for low shear rate control, contaminant control and both low temperature or high-temperature control.


KlaCon (reduced pH WBM):

Environmentally friendly water base fluid designed to retard hydration of highly reactive shales and clays along with stabilizing pH and water-sensitive shales. KlaCon is an alternative to inhibition without the use of salts. Reduction in clay related problems will result in less maintenance and rig time.


KlaPro HT:

A high-performance fluid version of KlaCon is engineered to maintain rheology and consistent density in extreme temperature and pressure environments. This system is utilized in a harsh environment, Geothermal well and areas where long term exposure to steam injection is prevalent.



Is a freshwater clay base system blended with particular sized sulfonated asphaltenes and gilsonite for control of water-sensitive shales.

GEO Non-Aqueous Series

Petrodrill Enviro:

Used with synthetic-based fluids.


Petrodrill LT:

Used with low aromatic base systems.


Petrodrill D:

Used with diesel-based fluids.

GEO Brine Based Systems

GEO K-lean:

Is designed to provide optimum hole cleaning characteristics in a non-damaging biodegradable fluid environment. This system exhibits a low plastic viscosity and high yield point, that provide low shear rate viscosity which is extremely important in horizontal drilling.



Blended system for offshore use in divalent systems, including the use in high angle horizontal wells.



A single sack proprietary blend of materials designed to provide both filtrate loss and rheology control in a high chloride’s environment. This non-dispersed drilling fluid system is engineered to provide basic low sheshearte rheology with low filtrate loss control in a highly inhibitive environment. HollyMud is approved by the EPA for use in federal waters.

GEO High Performance Series


A third-generation water-based drilling fluid system ‘that provides a unique blend of additives whose synergy results in mud that approximates the good characteristics of oil mud and is environmentally friendly.’ This system is typically run in monovalent inhibition environments.

PolyCarb Series

Designed with a mixture of high molecular weight polymers, and sized calcium carbonates. All fluids in the PolyCarb Series can be used at low concentrations, it imparts fluid loss control with out the build-up of a thick filter cake. In addition, it imparts strong synergy with the different components to provide rheology conducive to good hole cleaning characteristics.

PolyCarb R:

Is a mixture of high molecular weight polymers, and sized calcium carbonates. It may be mixed with freshwater or monovalent brines to provide a non-damaging workover, completion or drilling fluid.


PolyCarb Di:

Created based on the premise of the PolyCarb series, which is a mixture of high molecular weight polymers, and sized calcium carbonates. PolyCarb D is designed and tested to run in divalent brines.